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Feng Shui by simple definition is Wind and Water in the ancient tradition
of Feng Shui. Working with the "Chi" energy to bring balance and flow to ones
environment. Whether it be your home, property, office, garden, desk or
each individual room within your home.

Please visit FENG SHUI for the Mind to receive a introduction class
to learn move how to shift your energy from the inside out.

There are many different schools of Feng Shui. My main training and
study is in Authentic Black Hat Feng Shui.

I have also studied other forms of Feng Shui that I utilize to enhance a consultation or
space clearing. Space clearing can include many different modalities as guided during
the consultation. I have been an energy healer since the early 90's (well really my whole life).
I have been studying Feng Shui since 1995. I am a graduate of the Feng Shui Academé of Seattle.

For more information or to set an appointment please

Contact DaKara
via email dakara @ dakara.com
Phone 425-953-4304

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